QR Case Scan Love

Your favorite catchphrase, message, video, website, Facebook or Twitter account are on your case!

You can code your message to your phone by QR Case and then display it with compatible phones. With the QR codes you don't need to use Google or Facebook for searching!

Programme whenever you want. Add a photo or video, write a note, update anytime!

How to use it

- You receive an email within a link to update your QR code when you order the product. By clicking this link, you can update the code, write notes, upload photos, add YouTube/Vimeo/Vine videos. Receivers can access the content by scan with their mobile phones.
- If you want, you can program the code by scanning with your phone and give as a president by yourself.
- As long as the code is unlocked, you or the person (receiver the product as a gift) can program the code again and again.
- Have fun!


Shipping within 1-3 days!

About Product

- Make interesting surprises with the programmable QR cases for yourself and your friends.
- All the items with QR code is special for one person. The content can be accessed by only scanning and be updated at any time.
- QR code updates are free of charge. If you want, you can lock your code against the updatings.
- QR code contents can be programmed as how you wish to. It is enough to access the content by scanning the code.
- The current updates on the code are online right off.
- You check that how many times the code is scanned, when and where the code is scanned. You can also remove the code.
- QR code is applicable for all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones. It is free of charge with all QR readers. You can download the suitable QR reader for your phone from get.qrdb.co.
- It has been designed with bright patterns.
- It protects your phone against the bumps and scratches since it is manufactured by silicone and solid materials.
- Package includes: special box, QR case, user's guide.

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